Clayton Surveying – the beginning.

Brave? Deluded? Foolhardy?  These were just some of the words floating around my subconscious mind back in late spring 2021 when I decided to scratch the itch and hand my notice in from a well-established job with a good company and set forth into the world of small-business ownership.

How would I cope without a familiar team around me? Who would answer those questions we all ask from time for time – the ones where we really already know the answer but still want to run them by our peers, just in case….?

Then the real big-ticket worries such as what would happen if I didn’t secure any work, or if clients didn’t pay their invoices, or I fall from a ladder and can’t work for six months?

‘Have faith, give it a chance, if it doesn’t work out after a year then you’ll still be employable’ I told myself. What’s the worst that could happen.

So here I am. Just over a year in. Did any of my original fears materialise? No, none whatsoever.  Work came in, bills got paid, friends, ex-colleagues, old acquaintances and more have been in touch with incredible opportunities. There certainly haven’t been any quiet times.

I’ve taken my son to school more times in the last year than ever before, I can truly work flexibly, I’ve developed all sorts of new skills – I’ve had to learn much more about accountancy, corporation tax, VAT, insurance, business banking, website development, branding – the list seems endless. Even the HMRC website is now becoming familiar.    

Any regrets? Nope, not one. Well maybe just the obvious clichéd one about doing it sooner.

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